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The recently launched new website offers a warm welcome to our Diocese and is packed with useful information about our community. The information is available at the click of a button.  If you are looking to find a Mass, a church, a priest or a school, you can do this easily and quickly.

Website headings sAt times when you just want to browse the site, you may find yourself reading the history of our Diocese, a brief biography of Bishop Ralph, or discovering one of the many active bodies who work hard in our Diocese. For instance, there are ten caring services currently listed on our website, many of which could use your support.Website read more s

Website caring services sReading about, for example, the St Wilfrid’s Centre, Pathways or Rainbows may trigger an interest in you that can be readily followed through on the website.

Children and vulnerable adults deserve our special care and so the safeguarding work of the Diocese is a key feature of the website. This contains useful contacts and much information about this department of the Diocese, which seeks to ensure the safety and well being of everyone.Website departments s


Website schools menu sClicking on the schools section will provide not merely basic details about schools, but also useful information for governors and staff.

There are plans to include a whole section of information for parents. What details about aspects of school life in the Diocese would you find useful?  Let us know.

The new website is designed not merely to provide information but also to engage the whole community in the work of the Diocese.

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The home page opens with a request that you give us your feedback in order to improve our website.  Please respond to the request and help us to continue to provide a vibrant website that is of benefit to us all.

Since all we do is rooted in prayer, an important element of the website is the section devoted to spirituality.

A click on this button will provide prayers and readings for each day. There is an opportunity to read Bishop Ralph’s thought provoking reflections and soon there will be full details of all Diocesan pilgrimages.

Have a look at the website at http://hallam-diocese.com or follow the link on the Hallam News website home page, and let us know what you think about your Diocesan website.