If you dream of having a baby and don’t want IVF, there is a better way.  Here is Mags and Andy’s story in their own words.

“We were married in August 2004 and entered into our marriage knowing that conceiving a child may be difficult or even impossible for us – because of our medical history.  So in 2006 we were absolutely over the moon to find out we were expecting our first baby.  Heartbreakingly our dreams were shattered when we lost our baby boy, Joseph Ross at 20 weeks gestation on 2 August 2006.  What followed was a desperate time of grieving for our son and desperately trying to conceive.  After months of trying we were referred to the hospital for infertility tests and we were advised to try clomid and if that didn’t work the only option available to us through the NHS was IVF.  We held off proceeding as ethically we knew that IVF was not an option we could choose due to the destruction of human embryos in the process.  Infertility is such a difficult issue to deal with and we felt that it was tearing us apart.  We prayed and researched alternative options available.  We saw an advert for Napro Technology at our local church and decided to contact Life FertilityCare to see whether the system could help us.  When we met the amazing team at Life FertilityCare, we were bowled over by the unique approach of using science in an ethical way which meant that we could have help to conceive whilst observing the teachings of our Catholic faith in cherishing life from the moment of conception.  We attended meetings with a local teacher, Margaret Neale, to learn the system and for the first time in our relationship we had shared responsibility for our fertility and we really felt that the whole experience brought us closer as a couple.  After a few months of using the Creighton model system of charting fertility, I began treatment at the Life FertilityCare clinic in Leamington Spa. On the first cycle we were doubly delighted to find out that we were expecting twins.

What we didn’t know is that we faced more heartbreak ahead.  On 19 June 2008 our son Patrick was born alive and kicking at just 20 weeks.  He lived for 45 minutes and we cherish the precious moments we were able to hold him.  Our daughter Rose was born a few weeks later and she fought so hard for 10 days but we were devastated when she died on 2 August 2008.  We were at our lowest ebb.  We felt that maybe we were never meant to have children on this earth.

With the support of our teacher and the fantastic team at Life FertilityCare we continued to use NaProTechnology and chart using the Creighton Model whilst seeking out further answers through the NHS.

In June 2009 we welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl into the world.  Maggie Rose was celebrated far and wide by people who had heard our story and prayed throughout our pregnancy.  Using the same support network we have also welcomed two more beautiful and much loved girls – Florence arrived in April 2011 and Mary Kate arrived in December 2013.  We feel truly blessed to have had the honour of welcoming all of our children into the world.  We will always be eternally grateful to all of our family and friends who have supported and loved us through our journey.

Mags and Andy s

We have a special place in our hearts and prayers for the fantastic team at Life FertiltyCare and our teacher, Margaret Neale, for giving us the hope and courage to continue on our journey.  We know that without their expertise, care and support we would not be the very happy (and busy!) parents that we are today.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts!”

For further information contact Margaret Neale on 07758 223721 or email Margaret_a_neale@yahoo.co.uk.