L'Arche logo (Copy)We are a small group who are looking at the possibility of creating a ‘Seed Group’ for a L’Arche Community in the Sheffield area.

  In a world that values winning and coming first L’Arche Communities are places where people can discover who they are and not just what they can do.

  There are currently eleven L’Arche Communities in the UK, where people with and without learning disabilities share life together, living and/or working in community.  All are part of the International Federation of L’Arche, which was founded by Templeton Laureate, Jean Vanier.

  Although grounded in Christian tradition, L’Arche Communities welcome people of all faiths and none: their vision is a world where all belong.  For more information about L’Arche go to www.larche.org.uk.

  Do YOU have an interest in ways of creating supportive spiritual communities for people with learning disabilities?

  Are YOU interested in meeting up with others to explore the possibility of this type of project in the Sheffield region?

  If so please contact either Alan Hurford, alan.hurford@btinternet.com, or 07847436515; Kate Marks kate.r.marks@googlemail.com, Romayne Gayton, Romayne17@yahoo.co.uk, or Laura Kerr, ljkerrsheff@gmail.com, to register an interest and for more information.