During the season of Lent, the campaign “40 Days for Life” was organised in the Diocese by three young adults from the Cathedral Parish of St Marie’s in Sheffield.

The campaign consisted of a peaceful, prayerful vigil outside an abortion clinic during 12 hours on 4 days every week during Lent (pictured above with Bishop John and Fr Len May).  The venue was the Danum Lodge abortion clinic in Doncaster where approximately 5000 babies are aborted every year.

40 days for life in Doncaster s

The campaign brought together more than a hundred people of all ages from all over the Diocese, from different parishes and groups, and was a great success.  During the Campaign people gathered together in the vigil 574 times and during the course of the Campaign over 17 parishes were visited.  There have already been wonderful effects and fruits of the campaign and a greater awareness amongst the local community of Doncaster as to what goes on in this clinic.

The organisers commented, “We thank all those involved, the volunteers, priests, sisters, the LIFE movement of Doncaster and all who showed their support for the campaign during the time of Lent.  We continue to stand up to defend those who cannot speak for themselves, to promote and defend Life and to reach out to support all those who suffer and are effected through abortion.”

A summary of the campaign can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUal5473weg.