On a lovely Sunday morning, back in April, Fr Andrew Browne and Marie Grant lined up once again, to tackle the hills of Sheffield. For the fourth year in a row they had volunteered to run the Sheffield Half Marathon in aid of St Vincent’s Furniture Store.

  This year the fantastic amount of £1517.84 was raised.  Since 2014 Fr Andrew and Marie, along with Vic Gould in 2014 and Dec Healy in 2016, have raised over £6,600 for the Furniture Store.

  Over the past four years the money raised has enabled us to buy new beds for 56 children and 44 adults.  Lorraine Healy, Manager of St Vincent’s Furniture Store, commented, “It is when you actually see the good that we can do with the sponsorship money that you thank God for Fr Andrew and Marie.  They train all year round, in the sun, wind and rain, so they are able to complete the half marathon.  They are not just turning up on a Sunday morning in April and running, loads of preparation goes into it all and everyone at the Store is full of admiration for them.”

  The cheque presentation was carried out after the 30th Anniversary Mass at St Vincent’s Furniture Store.

  If anyone would like to join Fr Andrew and Marie in running the half marathon for St Vincent’s Furniture Store in April, 2018, please contact Lorraine at the Store on 0114 2703990.

Pictured left to right: Fr Shaun Smith,Marie Grant, Fr Andrew Browne, Bishop Ralph, Mgr William Kilgannon and Lorraine Healy